The Wine Merchant’s Hideaway

Project Description

A modest upper floor studio addition to what was a forlorn garage at the rear of an existing inner city townhouse. Our task was to maximise the utility of this compact backlot by creating a highly functional and adaptable work-from-home space for the client’s wine business, doubling on occasion as guest quarters. The form absorbs as much of the title area as possible despite its awkward delineation across a shared right of way—achieved through cantilevering the upper floor into the lane. Equipped with simple fixtures, desk space, a bathroom and a long bar to facilitate frequent wine tastings, the studio’s orientation captures northeast light whilst maintaining discretion from neighbours through a patchwork of frosted and clear glass. The lightweight fibre cement sheet is accentuated with hardwood timber window frames, adding a touch of textural richness to what is otherwise a humble box.


Completion Date



Wurundjeri / Clifton Hill VIC



Project Team

Nikhila Madabhushi





1. Existing Courtyard
2. Existing Garage
3. Existing ROW
4. Studio Entry
5. Bathroom
6. Lounge
7. Study