Romberg Revision

Project Description

It’s like Fredrick Romberg (1913-1992) actively welcomed future interior adaptations of his trailblazing post-war apartment block when he was designing the Stanhill Flats (1956). Load bearing structure to the outside, long, wide halls open to the air, providing access to each apartment, a modernist design with subtle art deco references, to soften the edges of columns and corners…It’s no wonder the one we were tasked with updating was about to undergo its third reincarnation.


Far from its former residential life, the flat was used as a dental laboratory when we were introduced to it. The art deco details softening the existing structure of this adaptively reused flat, influenced the fillet edge details punctuating the extensive interior additions, intently designed to turn it back into a home for our client couple and their fur baby staffy. The apartment was already enjoying ample north-east light, so we subtly widened door openings and walls, to further harness this attribute, whilst creating accessibility for the client’s father. These changes required significant negotiation with Heritage Victoria in order to challenge how we can preserve yet update heritage-listed buildings for greater inclusion and to sustain diverse people’s shifting needs.

Completion Date


Country / Location

Boon Wurrung / Albert Park VIC



Project Team

Nikhila Madabhushi

Samuel Moore


Nikhila Madabhushi

Concettina Inserra


1. Bathroom
2. Kitchen
3. Entry
4. Hallway
5. Living Area
6. Bedroom 1
7. Bedroom 2
8. Balcony

Client’s Note

“Nikhila enabled us to complete an unimaginable task of transforming an empty, commercial shell into our dream home. The process, at first, seemed daunting but Nikhila brought a professional and methodical approach to combat every hurdle faced. She inherited significant challenges that our project brought however never did she make us feel overwhelmed or concerned about the process. In contrast, she managed the project successfully with a superb talent in design and execution. There were several instances where she brought to life ideas that we were unaware were possible to help us create the most current and liveable space, while conforming to the art deco style of the building. Her flare for design and creativity were obvious in her planning at every stage. Nikhila presented the plans in a very clear and understandable manner in her virtual, three-dimensional construction of the space. I could not be any more grateful for her hard-working and solutions-oriented manner. We give her our highest recommendation.”