In Progress

Barwon Modern

Project Description

A sensitive addition to a well loved existing family beach house in the dreamy Victorian coastal hamlet of Barwon Heads. We were tasked by the owners, one who has escaped to this home since childhood, to lightly place a bungalow for their adult children, pooches (and future grandchildren!) to the east of the existing property. With only enough space to sleep, wash and cosily congregate, a well lit passage delineates a soft transition between these programs, along the natural slope of the site. The proposal aims to celebrate what it looks at, rather than what is looking at it, with the form, shape and materiality strongly influenced by the dynamic landscape design. Vignettes to the updated pool, existing mid century home as well as soft vegetation and stone endemic to Wathaurong Country, underpin the two pavilion design—blockwork sets the upper pavilion into the ground to the north, whilst lightweight “fibro”, nodding to the local vernacular, allows the lower pavilion to touch down lightly to the south. The bungalow benefits from various passive house design principles allowing for optimum thermal and energy efficiency across all seasons.

Completion Date

In Progress

Country / Location

Wathaurong / Barwon Heads VIC



Project Team

Nikhila Madabhushi

Jemma Cooper

STEM Landscape Architecture & Design

+&+ Architecture (Passive House consultant)

Artistic Render

Robert Lees




1. Bedroom
2. Mud/store
3. Bathroom
4. WC
5. Sunroom
6. Studio
7. Pool House
8. Garden
9. Existing Dwelling
10. Pool
11. Spa